Top 10 Best International School in Malaysia

The top 10 best international school in malaysia is a question that thousands of high school and college students throughout the world to ask each year. Malaysia, which prides itself as the “Land of Education”, is home to some of the finest high schools and colleges in Asia. Malaysia’s education system is ranked high, not only amongst Asian countries but in fact, amongst all the world’s educational systems. This is in part due to the fact that the Malaysian education system focuses on international education, something that many other Asian countries struggle with.

Malaysia is home to numerous colleges and universities that award diplomas and degrees throughout the world. The University of London, for example, has become one of the most popular schools in the United Kingdom for the past several years. Malaysia’s private universities are also growing in popularity. In addition, Malaysia’s government encourages its citizens to continue their education beyond high school.

New Malaysian Government Failing to Include 30 per cent of Women in New  Cabinet - MWT

The primary education system in Malaysia is taught in both English and Malay. English is the language of business in Malaysia, as many international business conferences and events are held in the country. Students from non-English speaking nations can apply for jobs in the government and banking sector in Malaysia, but it is also very helpful for them to learn English. As a result, it is no surprise that a large number of English speakers have immigrated to Malaysia and become part of the multicultural society.

While most of the education professionals in Malaysia understand English, there are many who only know their native tongue. This makes it difficult for non-Malaysians who wish to pursue higher education in the country. However, they may be able to receive funding through the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFC) if they are willing to speak and perform in English as part of their interview process. Also, many students get special concessions and grants if they exhibit leadership qualities or perform well on standardized tests.

Malaysia’s education system is also quite advanced when compared to other countries. It has created a new set of educational guidelines for teaching, development of curriculum and assessment. Because of this, teachers have more opportunities to apply various teaching methods. They are also introduced to a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment. In addition, parents are encouraged to send their children to high quality schools with excellent teaching methods.

The government has made it possible for parents to send their children to internationally accredited schools. However, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. Private education may be the best option for some students. Others require a certain level of professional competence. Many students also have to consider work, family, and school obligations before applying for higher education in Malaysia. All in all, education in Malaysia is not easy but is certainly worth the effort.


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